Discover The Step-By-Step Blueprint To Making 5k A Month In The Information Business

From: Samith Pich

To: Clients of Samith Pich:

Do you want to get to $5k a month selling information and teaching others what you know and love in your niche?

Are you frustrated because you've tried everything and more to make a living online and it's not working for you?

Are you ready to take things to the next level and finally achieve a full time income?

If so, you are going to love what I'm creating . . . .


Here's the thing, we've been talking about this idea of getting to $5k per month in your niche, teaching what you know and love.

And we've been talking about the idea that you might be open to seeing things a new way to be able to do . . . new things (like getting to $5k a month teaching what you love)

You see, the reason we are talking about this is because you are NOT making $5k a month.

And you've been online for several months, or even several years trying to figure it out, you've studied so much training and you know so much about how to start an internet business it's like you have a master's degree in internet marketing.

But you're kind of like the kid that comes out of college with an MBA but can't run a simple office cause he's never done it.

Cause for all the knowledge you have - you haven't been able to - let's call it what it is - MAKE MONEY WITH IT

Something keeps holding you back


Or you are stuck on what to offer

Or you have 1000 different ideas and you keep jumping from one to another

Or you start things and don't finish them

Or you have shiny object syndrome

Or you get distracted when you work

Or all of the above!!!

Or maybe you have lots of knowledge but you are still missing a few pieces so you keep buying training to fill in the blanks, but you and I both know that based on the past, no matter how much you keep buying and learning, there will still be holes until you actually DO IT!

So . . . that's where this goal of $5k a month comes in

Cause I want to see you STOP LEARNING and START MAKING MONEY

Now, when we say make money, we don't mean print it

And we don't mean that people are going to just send you dollars in the mail cause they like you

We mean you are going to create something that other people want to buy, and when they buy it, you are exchanging what you created for their money.

THAT is how you make money online - when you create something and exchange it with others for their money.

But unlike the offline world, where if you create something - say a cabinet or a car or a crocheted blanket - you can only sell it to one person.

The great thing about online is that if you create something digital - like a video or an audio or a print book or print lessons - you can sell the SAME THING over and over and over again and again and again.

Create it once, sell it multiple times.

So when we think about getting you to $5k, it means we have to get you to create something that other people want, and sell it again and again and again.

That's the model.

Now, you might be thinking, well that's what I've been trying, but it hasn't worked so far.

And that's where what I'm going to share with you is going to come in.

You see, you've been getting stuck on something -

the mechanics (the how to)

or you get that right, but you get distracted

or you get that right, but you can't find people who want it

or you get that right, but you need someone to hold you accountable

or you get that right, but you want someone to ask questions of

or you have that, but something else is still missing


The truth of the matter is this: whatever has been holding you back, we have to break you through it.

You see, you are tired of doing it the old way that isn't working right?

And you are ready to look at it a new way, a new way that can take you to the next level, right?

Are you willing to suspend you imagination for a few minutes while I share with you HOW you can get to $5k a month?


You see, one of the old problems with getting to $5k by, say, creating a product to sell for $50 is that EACH MONTH you have to come up with 100 new buyers, month after month after month.

So two things happen:

1) you have to focus on driving traffic all the time, and that is really frustrating cause it's never as easy as the manuals say it is

2) You have to keep creating new products every month to sell to your existing buyers, just to keep the money coming in to pay the bills

It's like a vicious cycle and you never get ahead.

And because you are constantly trying to "find traffic" you don't have time for anything else - so you don't make money - which is what you are trying to do anyhow!

Now, I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years, and I've seen what works for beginners and what doesn't.

I've seen what trips folks up and who succeeds, and how they get that success.


And one of the UGLY TRUTHS I've discovered is this:  when folks are constantly trying to create new products, they tend to fail.

I'm sorry I had to tell you that, but its the truth...

Maybe that's you.

And another thing I've discovered is that if someone already has a big following, then launching a coaching program or high ticket can work.

But if they don't have much of a following - it isn't so hot.

But what I have seen is that folks who create simple memberships that practically maintain themselves - just each month you add some content and over time, your membership gets more and more content and you are creating 1-3 hours of fresh content each month - maybe even just holding 1-3 live webinars or coaching calls each month and that's all you have to do.

And instead of having to sell 100 new people every month on your $50 product to make $5000 a month -

You simply enrol maybe 50 people each month at $29 a month and in a few months you have 200 people paying you $29 on autopilot each month.

Imagine waking up on the first of each month and finding $5000 in your bank account, paypal account or merchant account!

How would that feel, knowing that if you don't sell a single person this month, you still have guaranteed income each month?

Now, don't get me wrong - of course if you stop selling all together, people drop out and over time your income goes down.

And of course it's going to take some real work to get those 200 members - but wouldn't it be worth it to get to $5k a month in recurring revenue?


Now, there are a few more cool things about memberships especially as they relate to the problems you are having in getting up and running and making money:

1) With traffic, instead of having to get new traffic all the time and scrambling to find new sources, instead you can focus on delivering great content and attracting new people to your membership - so instead of selling, selling, selling, you can deliver great content and attract folks to want to join.

You can record videos, write articles, build a following on linkedin, and even pay for some traffic if you want - and every touch you have with them, every article, every email, you add a P.S. that says, hey, do you want to get unlimited access to amazing training PLUS 1-3 new live trainings each month for one low price each month, if so click here and they click over and read your sales letter and join your membership and you have another member

2) With a membership, you don't have to re-invent the wheel each month, creating new products and having to write a new sales letter each month and hope it sells, instead you create ONE sales letter and you tweak it over time until it is convering really well!

3) With a membership, you can actually offer MORE value to your members than if they just buy something, cause you can create a forum and answer questions there instead of getting distracted and inundated with people writing you emails all the time.

The bottom line is with a membership, you create it once and just add content each month, and your big focus can just be on creating content and attracting people to your membership each month!

You have so fewer moving parts than all the other things you've been trying to do to build your business!


Now, perhaps you are wondering, ok, Samith, how are you going to help me get my membership making $5k a month?


So let's talk about that.

First, I'm going to teach you how.
Now you may know many of the steps, but I'll fill in all the blanks, and over the next few weeks I'll be creating new training and sharing specific training I've already done to teach you each part of what to do and how to do it - what software to use, how make it easy, all those things you get from experience

Then once your basic membership is created - you know, you have just some basic starter content in it, and you are ready to create a new recording or manual each month to keep it fresh -

Then we are going to shift ALL our focus onto just getting people to see your membership sales page so they can enroll if they want!

Now, we aren't going to focus on "traffic" per se, I don't like that term, even if I use it sometimes cause it's an easy catch-all but frankly speaking, your members that are going to join your membership are not "traffic," they are real, live hot-air breathing humans who have real needs and pains that you are going to help them with.

So you aren't looking for "traffic" you are looking for the humans who have needs and we are going to go to where they are already spending time and searching for solutions, like facebook and linkedin and youtube and maybe some forums and search engines and blogs and we are going to personally invite them to your membership or you are going to write a few articles to lead them to your membership or record a few youtube videos to invite them to your membership, and I'll show you how to do all that!

And then we are going to have a laser-focus on changing lives and inviting people to join the membership, and we are going to laser focus on that number of 200 members in your membership.

That's right - 200 members at $29 or $39 a month will get you to $5k a month.

But you aren't going to be overwhelmed by that big number, instead you are going to focus on one human at a time - 1 member, then another member, and then another member and now you have 3 and tomorrow you get 2 more and now you have 5 and then tomorrow you get none and you get disappointed but then the next day you get 3 more and now you have 8 and you just keep doing this each day till you get to 200 members -


Now, at this point I'm guessing this feels really exciting, and it really SHOULD feel exciting!

Because it IS exciting!

And I'm excited for you because I believe that if you'll make the decision to laser-focus on this and not go off in 20 directions you have it within you to get to 200 members.


Now, I want to address one more issue.


And that is that what I have found in working with hundreds of clients is that the single biggest thing that helps my clients get results is what I call accountability.

Here's what I mean.

Let me illustrate by asking a question:

If you are totally on your own, you just have my training and no accountability, no one to ask you how you are doing, then it would be really easy to get behind, or get discouraged or just skip a day of work and then one day missed leads to 2 leads to 3 and before you know it you are onto something else, right?


But let me ask you this: If you KNEW that every single day you were required to send an email or write a note telling me exactly what you did that day, and you knew you HAD to send that note and the day was nearing and end and you hadn't done anything in your business that day, would you want to send that email or note?

Or would you decide that you'd better focus for 30 minutes and get something done, get a new member or record a new training, or whatever, before you sent that email or wrote that note?

Would that daily accountability motivate you to TAKE ACTION and do the steps?

I'm guessing it would.


And if you knew that if you got stuck on something, instead of waiting until next week or buying another training you could just post a note with your question, and a coach like me would answer your question and tell you what to do, would that make it easier?

How would that feel, knowing you could an answer from a coach any time of the day or night?


And how about this, what if you also had a step by step blueprint AND a checklist so each day when you wake up and start to work on your membership, you just look at your blueprint, you see what has already been done (checked off) and you could just do the next step, the next thing that is NOT checked off?

Would all of that feel good?

Would having daily accountability PLUS access to ask any question any time PLUS having a blueprint or checklist to use EVERY DAY make this whole thing less daunting and less overwhelming and frankly, a pleasure to do?


If so, I believe you will be really excited when I share with you what I am creating.

You see, you need more than training.

You need a blueprint.

But you need more than that.

You need accountability.

You need answers to your questions when you get stuck.

You need a support group!

You need people to cheer you on, to look at your work each day, to encourage you!


How would it feel if you could be a part of a group that offered you just that:
Daily accountability

Answers to your questions, 24-7

A support group of people who will cheer you on and encourage you!
If that would feel good, I'll tell you about what I am creating:


The world's first and only (and BEST) Membership Support Group Complete with Daily Accountability and Training with ONE Singular Goal of Getting you to 200 members paying you $29 - $39


Now, I gotta tell you this, it's a huge project.

It's not completed yet.

And if you know me well, you know I like to create things like this along with people like you, so that I can make it work EXACTLY the way it will help you the most.

So if you choose to participate, I'll want you to tell me what else you think I could add to the support and accountability group so that it is the EASIEST to use and get results in!


Now, the way it's going to work is that for charter members like you will be if you choose to join is over the next few weeks, I am going to create brand new training to teach you what to do and how to do it to very easily set up your easy to run membership.
These will be live trainings, so you can come and ask me questions personally, and I'll record them so you can listen to them later as well if you miss it live.

So you will have step by step directions, plus I am going to create an actual blueprint and complete checklist for every step to getting to 200 members so you can just follow the blueprint along!

Now, the most exciting part is going to be the daily accountability. Each day, at the end of the day, after you finish working, you are going to post to the support group exactly what you have accomplished that day.

Over time, you will develop a record of what you have done each day so you can study it and spots patterns to change to get more productive.

And you will also be able to see what the others in the group are doing, you will be able to see what they are doing each day as well.

You'll be able to post your membership as you are creating it, so you can get feedback from others about how your site is working.

Now, in order to make this work, you'll need to be willing to spend a few minutes a day looking at other people's memberships and daily accountability as well, and offering encouraging words.

You might even make a new online friend or 2 who is doing the same kind of business you are, wouldn't it be nice to have a few people who are doing what you are doing, to be able to chat and talk with?

And there will also be real coaches in the support group that will be answering your questions and available to help as well in the support group - and if you want to hire one of them for some live 1-1 time, you can hire them directly (that's not part of the group, but you will have a chance to meet some really cool coaches, and sometimes having someone you can talk with for 30 minutes a week who has been there/done that and follows my protocol, can be really helpful!


And finally, when your membership is ready, you can release it first to the support group! You can let other members check it out, maybe they will even join or recommend it to their friends or like it on Facebook or whatever, just depending on if it's a good fit for them.

So you have instant exposure (and even backlinks!) to your new membership, and it really helps you get traction when you are first launching it!


So . . . how does all this sound so far?


If this is exciting, are you ready to get started?

Perhaps you are thinking that this membership support group can be the difference - the real difference - between what you have been doing and not succeeding and getting to your goal of $5k a month in your information business.

And my guess is that when you think of what it would be worth, and all the money you've invested in things that DON'T work and memberships you are in that you could cancel and end because you won't need them anymore (you'll get EVERYTHING you need in this support group - all the training, accountability, questions answerered, everything - to get to 200 members in your membership)

And when you think about getting to $5k a month in revenue, you can probably see that 100 a month is just 2% of your total revenue each month, to get your membership up and running.

And my guess is that this would be well worth $100 a month - or even much more - to finally get to changing the world and making the money you want to make.

But I'm going to be completely transparent with you here . . . when this support group is live and ready to go in a few days, I want EVERYONE to be able to get into it at the same time and start posting their daily accountability and for you to be able to immediately start seeing what others are doing -

Imagine if you could interact with 100 or more people who are building their own membership site PLUS you could interact with the site coaches to get immediate help -

So I want to offer you a huge inducement to become a charter member today so we can get everyone in before the site officially opens -

So instead of $100 a month, when you enrol as a charter member today, you get in for just $29 a month, and that price will never go up, even if down the road new clients are paying $100 or $200 or even $300 a month, you will remain at just $29 a month for unlimited access.

So, if you are ready, get in now:


Now, perhaps you are thinking, why not just wait until it is live and open?

The key here is that I want you to have momentum right off the bat - and actually, as soon as you enroll today I'm going to send you instructions to get started immediately with the planning stages - things like what will be in your membership, who is your target market, and get started with your foundation.

And I want you to have 3-5 days to get those things in place before we start the step by step training, and I want everyone on the same page when I create the first training.

Plus, let's face it - when you can get in at $29 a month instead of paying more . . . it's a no-brainer!

(Can you tell I really believe you should get in today so I can start working with you!)

And I want to say this: personally, I believe that the accountability component is the most important feature of all!

so let me ask you this: are you willing to commit, for 90 working days, to write a quick note at the end of each day writing down what you did that day towards your goal?

If so, I believe you'll progress much faster, and if you'll commit to that, I believe you can achieve the progress to get to 200 members (about $5k a month)

Are you ready to take responsibility, change things up, and finally build the business of your dreams?

If so, get in now as a charter client for just $29 a month:


Here's a review of everything you'll have access to:

--> Complete Step by Step training for creating your own membership site and getting it to $5k a month

(Value $97)

--> An amazing private VIP group where you can ask questions and get your questions answered by me, other coaches, and even other members (and sometimes by all 3!)


--> A daily accountability system that can help keep you on track and get more done!


--> BONUS: Live Fortnightly Coaching Calls where I'll deliver hot, pertinent training and answer all your most pressing questions. Yes, they will be recorded!

(Value $500 per month)

--> Access to ask questions and interact with others who can give you feedback on what you are creating


--> Complete support and guidance on getting to $5k a month with your first membership . . .


--> HUGE BONUS: Free Access To Any Sub-$100 IM Product I Ever Release! For Life!*

(Value $1000)

The key way that this is different than anything you've ever tried before is that not only are you getting exact step by step training for what to do and how to do it, you are also getting access to an amazing support group PLUS daily accountability to keep you on track, PLUS Fortnightly Live Coaching Webinars where you'll be able to not only ask questions and get answers, but also post your own membership as you create it!

Now, here's the thing, I'm not sure how long I'll leave up the charter, introductory pricing, and we are time limited to getting you to $5k a month in your niche . . . it's only about 3 months away, so you are going to want to get started fast!

With that said, let's get started!


Together In Success


Samith Pich?

P.S. - There's really no reason NOT to do this. You're getting an incredible lifetime savings on this membership, daily accountability and up front and personal support from a multiple six figure earner. Can it get any better than that? 

P.P.S. - Actually it can. And just to prove it to YOU, I'm giving you a full 30-day guarantee. If for any reason you don't find this course everything you're looking for just email me at samith @ and I'll refund you 100% of your money back. 

P.P.P.S. - And oh yes, you can cancel anytime. But if I keep giving you amazing coaching and support and help you make more and more money, why would you? Unfortunately the only way you can know for sure... is to get it today and test drive this program and me. Today. 

P.P.P.P.S Need testimonials? Check them out here.


Here's my fear for you: Will you lose your passion and drive for business after a string of failures? Will you continue to exist in a state of business limbo, wondering if you'll ever get it to work out the way you want?


Don't do that to yourself. Get started today. Start moving forward on your 5k goal. 


Never look back.?



*As long as you're a member. Obviously.