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Hi Special Friend,

You have been hand chosen to receive this personal invite… into a very special Challenge. One in which you have to do nothing.

Let me explain.

Everyone always asks what would you do if you had to start from scratch, if you had even less than when you got started?

Newbies and cynics alike comment - its all easy and good for you, you’re successful and have a list. But you can’t make $10k in 100 days nowadays...

Or can you?​

I’ve decided to embark on an experiment, a Challenge if you will, and I’d like to officially invite you to follow in on this journey, and potentially copy all of my strategies and techniques.

For once I want you to be a part of something where ALL THE RISK IS ON ME.

I want to put my money where my mouth is. Where the onus of proof is all on me. And you don’t have to risk a cent.​


​The Challenge:

Watch me make $10k in 100 Days... From Scratch.

​Either I make $10,000 USD within 100 days of starting the challenge (which starts Monday 11th April 2016) and then you get to copy and model everything I did in a faster, easier way


I fail and you get all your money back and you still get to keep the course and see the outcome and learn form my mistakes.

While I’m confident that I will succeed with this challenge this also could be an expensive failure for me.

Either way the show will be a hoot watch!​

Parameters of the Challenge

  • ​Challenge starts Monday 11th April to Wednesday 20th July 2016
  • I must have generated $10,000 in gross earnings within that time
  • I must have generated a minimum of 300 new leads in that time from (free or paid marketing)
  • I have a minimal budget on a Visa Debit Card. Less than $1000
  • I have an able body and mind
  • I have a car, a sound computer, sound internet connection, and a smartphone
  • I assume I’m working a full time job.
  • After work and family commitments I can allocate 4 hours a day to work on my business or a maximum of = 25 hours a week*
  • I have no list and I cannot use any previous list to jumpstart this
  • Any of my friends who are on my current list cannot be moved to the new list within the 100 Day challenge
  • Any business I do with past clients or associates is NOT counted towards the $10k. This must be new business with new people
  • I have to start new social media profiles and Web IP’s from scratch
  • Anything I want to buy I must generate from my own earnings
  • To be a part of the challenge the investment is a One Time Payment of $97 or 3 monthly payments of $47

Investment Options:

3 Monthly payments of $47

One Time Payment of $97

Umm… Samith, Why Are We Giving You Money Again?

Because you will get to see everything started from scratch and I will be documenting the entire process.

If I fail you get your money back.

​If I succeed you have a blueprint to make $10,000.

What you get:

  • A daily 10-15 minute video going over everything I did (100 x 15min = 25 hours)
  • 13 weekly 40 mins webinars giving weekly overviews, earnings updates and Q & A
  • You will be given all my emails
  • My scripts
  • Any assets/ templates that I create
  • You’ll be given opportunities to decide what I will do by popular vote


  • Get a recorded behind the scenes walkthrough of how I came up, created and deployed the challenge and how you can do the same thing!

No Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • If I don’t make $10,000 with 100 days you get your money back and the course is yours to keep
  • If I don’t generate 300 leads within 100 days you get your money back and the rest of the course is yours to keep
  • If I cheat past any of the parameters i.e work past 25 hours a week, use my previous list in anyway, spend money over my budget, then you get your money back and the rest of the course is yours to keep

Investment Options:

3 Monthly payments of $47

One Time Payment of $97


There is no risk to you at all.

Get started by choosing your payment option.

Your friend,

Samith Pich​

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