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10 Kick-Ass Questions That Will Help You Re-Define Success

When I was growing up there was a lot of pressure to succeed. I don't know whether you can relate but my parents, coming from an Asian background, both of whom were war time refugees, success was an expectation! Success for them meant a good car, a good job (for life) and a good house and family to share it with. Study hard + work hard + so you can continue working hard and studying hard = SUCCESS. (Does this formula sound familiar?) For me, that meant hours and hours of 'extra-home work and … [Read More...]



74 Clever Blog Post Title Templates That Work

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with blogpost ideas but if you have a template for a title it makes it easier to write a compelling blog post based on that template. Example:  The Anatomy Of ______ That Gets ____  could be “The Anatomy of a Webinar that Gets Amazing Sales“ [#] Most Popular Ways […]

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Beer Thieving Pig In Australia, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow (And WHY That matters to you)

So I recently saw this great headline on Facebook Pig in Australia Steals 18 Beers from Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow Why did I copy it here? Well, it’s more of an example—an example of a great headline. Great headlines make you want to click and find out more. Great headlines get opens in emails. […]


Traffic Masters Academy – Blogging for Fun and Profits Notes

Today I snuck into a blogging webinar held by the lovely blogging expert, Kate McCarthy. Kate was running a free webinar that users have access to when they purchase Traffic Masters Academy. This course is probably the most up to date traffic course online today and  you get access to daily webinars held by experts in many traffic […]


5 Month Goals – Progress Report

I’ve just returned from spending 9 days in the Bahamas at the splendid grounds of the Atlantis Resort for Matt Lloyd’s Titanium Mastermind and delivered some training at his Immersion Program. It was a simply wonderful and memorable experience, and I got to meet some amazing people and some of my ‘idols’ and mentors such […]

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The Titanium Mastermind 2014 Event at the Bahamas (Atlantis Resort)

Twice a year Matt Lloyd and MOBE host what has quickly been regarded as THE premier online marketing mastermind events in our industry and perhaps in any industry. I’m currently packing and preparing to travel for a grueling 30 hours (flights and waiting in airports) to the Bahamas for the annual Titanium Mastermind Event. This […]

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5 Steps To Creating Engaging Interviews with Experts

I have to admit, I really love doing interviews, though I prefer to be asking the questions rather than answering them! So I thought I’d create a post about how to create great, engaging interviews in 5 easy steps. Why are Interviews important? Interviews are a great way to promote yourself as an authority in […]

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Simple Time Management Tips To Get S**t Done!

Sometimes one of the biggest challenges I find when sitting at my computer is actually getting things done. Well I get things done, but not necessarily anything productive or things that are income generating (Checks and ‘likes’ 17th Facebook status update) You may have a plan to build a website, promote it with adwords, do […]

Home Business Summit with Samith Pich

Home Business Summit Melbourne Review

I week ago I attended the successful Melbourne Home Business Summit, an event hosted by my company MOBE. Having had a few days breather I’m only just now realizing how impactful it was for me as well as the attendees and guests who came. From Friday 22 August to Sunday 24th Augusts attendees were treated to […]


5 Month Goals, Affirmations and 7 Year Intentions

Over the past couple of weeks, and during my family holiday in Germany I have been combing over 6 areas of my life and looking at how I can grow in each area. It’s an interesting process, getting clear on your goals and your aspirations. Personal development is never a static, set and forget kind […]


31 Life Lessons and Motivational Quotes That Can Change Your Life

I’m a big fan of looking for the lessons in my life (including the hard ones). It’s only through inner reflection can we sometimes see the lessons we’ve been taught, or the lessons we’ve taught ourselves. Life lessons can’t be taught at school because we get to learn throughout our whole lives. Having said that, […]